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eCommerce Website

Expand your business and increase your sales. With my designs you can showcase your products & collections online. Whether you have 5 products or 100,000 your online store has unlimited product listings! Add sorting & filter options so customers can easily shop. Reach more shoppers & sell in the world's biggest online marketplaces. Sell on social channels that your customers use every day, like Facebook & Instagram. Recover lost sales. Send automated emails reminding customers they left items in their cart. Print shipping labels, manage end-to-end order fulfillment, connect advanced shipping apps.

Everything below is also included in each of these plans


Mobile Site Optimization

for mobile phone viewing.



Offer subscriptions and collect recurring payments on your products.


Online Bookings Platform

Accept online bookings for appointments, classes, and courses.


Ticket & Event Management

Promote, manage and sell tickets for your events. Host unlimited public & private events. Create & sell unlimited ticket. Offer free tickets without any service fees. Sell paid tickets online with a 2.5% service fee or you can pass the fee onto your attendees. Scan tickets and check-in attendees at the door with the Wix Owner app.


Monetize Your Art & Content

Sell, rent & offer subscriptions for your videos. Stream & sell your media content, including video and music. Sell your own artwork—from prints to digital art.



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