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Hi, I’m Xevi "Ronny" Meek.

I’m Xevi “Ronny” Meek. I live in Sylvester, GA.

I am the founder, designer and content creator

here at Designs by Ronny. I started Designs by

Ronny because I have a strong passion to help

others succeed. After years of people telling

me I should build and design websites and after

passing conversations with different people

about wanting to get their business online but

not knowing how to or afford to hire someone

to do so, I decided to start Designs by Ronny to

help small businesses get online for a reason-

able price. That they in turn may be able to succeed to their fullest potential! My mission is to “Help others succeed!” I am a small firm that keeps a low overhead so I can pass my saving along to my customers.


"So encourage each other and build each other up,
just a
s you are already doing."
1 Thessalonians 5:11 nlt

I also serve my church “Free Life Ministries” as the Outreach Minister since 2022 as well as serving on the board as COO and on the Pastors Council since 2017. A portion of all the earnings of my web design business will go towards the support of Free Life Church and our mission of feeding and helping those who are experiencing homelessness or some other burden.

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